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Omis Guitar Fest is one of the biggest regional classical guitar competition and festival, it takes place from 19th - 25th of June, 2019!

Guitar is life... and life is on Omis guitar fest !

Hotel Plaža, Omiš - Conference Center

The new multi-functional conference center fits the requirements of the festival completely. It offer organizations of conferences, seminars, banquets, weddings and much more.

All halls can be adapted for a variety of functions, from classic cinemas, lecture halls, gala dinners to empty rooms for large and small events. The daylight is present in all conference halls which creates in combination with LED-lights the perfect atmosphere

The main hall Plaža has the ability to change the light in 24 different colors. The hall is equipped with three HD cameras, which record the event. The record can be stored on a DVD or transferred live on the Internet.

Smallest halls are ideal for smaller meetings and seminars, the speakers are equipped with the ability to connect microphones that due to good acoustics are not required.

Timetable & Pricing

  • Wednesday June 19th @ 20:00 hrs

    - Mia & Joe and Electric and acoustic guitar superfinals
    (Hotel Plaža, Congress hall);

    Ticket: 50,00 HRK

  • Thursday June 20th @ 20:00 hrs

    - Francesco Scelzo
    (Hotel Plaža, Congress hall);

    Ticket: 50,00 HRK

  • Friday June 21st @ 20:00 hrs

    - Classical guitar superfinals
    (Hotel Plaža, Congress hall);

    Ticket: 50,00 HRK

  • Saturday June 22nd @ 20:00 hrs

    - Sleepy man - country sensation

    - In Roots - essence of blues
    (Hotel Plaža, Congress hall);

    Ticket: 100,00 HRK


Ticket reservations: or 0959108376


We are sitauted in the very center of Omiš and You will have no problems finding us. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

The event is taking place in Hotel Plaža conference hall, which is just by the beach, so maybe it is best that You find Your accommodation there. You can find us on the map here.



Did you know that most visitors spend a week in Omiš? You did? And did you know that most tourists regret one thing after spending a week in Omiš? The fact that they couldn’t stay a week longer ;)

Although in many ways a typical Mediterranean town, due to its specific location Omiš has for centuries also been a melting pot of different gastronomic influences. Good wine, fish and olive oil make the basis of Mediterranean cuisine dominant along the coast, whereas the villages of Poljica in the town’s hinterland offer famous specialties such as soparnik and Dalmatian prosciutto.

Why Omiš

  • Ancient mediterranean city;
  • Glorious pirate history;
  • Beautiful sandy beach;
  • Canyon of river Cetina;
  • River mouth;
  • Rich mediterranean cuisine;
  • And a great guitar festival.


Omis Guitar Fest is one of the biggest regional classical guitar competition and festival, it takes place from 20th - 23rd of June, 2016!

With prizes for the winner valued over 6000 Euros plus booking for major classical guitar festival in 2019, in Gorizia (Italy), this competition is among the most rewarding these days.

You can apply here through our application form!


Set of tickets for all five days - 250 kn.
Reservations on: or 0959108376

Masterclass - Price for individual lesson (40 min.) is 300 kn.
Reservations on:


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