Here are some opinions and thoughts about Omiš Guitar Fest:

Ivan Kovačić - City of Omiš, Mayor

Omiš Guitar Fest represents a project of extreme importance for the city of Omiš, because it enriches its cultural activities and it opens the touristic season in town. Each year the festival counts more and more participants from all over the world, which proves impeccable organization and quality of this outstanding event and the importance of it surpasses Omiš and Dalmatia borders

EURO-UNIT group - Ivan Senčar

Corporate social responsibility is a code built in the foundations of the Euro-Unit Company, therefore support to Omiš Guitar Fest is not something unusual. This is not only support to the festival itself, but support to the young musicians and music culture in general. Omiš Guitar Fest is one of the best of its kind in this part of Europe and represents an international meeting point of guitar virtuosos, which was recognized by Euro-Unit Group and Yamaha brand.

Silvija Bareša - Societe Generale – Splitska banka d.d.

“Building team spirit together” is not only a nice annex to our logo. It represents the essence of Splitska banka business policy. Our clients‘ success is also our success, but that’s not good enough. As a socially responsible entity, it is our responsibility to encourage and help different important projects which contribute to the better life of all of us. Music is one of the most beautiful and emotional way of human expression, by encouraging music we are encouraging the most beautiful part of the human being. We are proud that we recognized the importance of this project, the severity and dedication of the organizer from the very beginning and we wish to Omiš Guitar Fest a long life by bringing the music underneath the rocks of Omiš.

Boyan Ivanov Doychev, Bulgaria (Festival competitor)

I've been to so many guitar events and places and I've never felt like there, between the mountains, river and the sea. And that's the beauty in combination with great organized guitar event, poetry in the language which I don't know, but somehow I laugh at it and guitarists virtuosity. I recommend to everyone to come and see by himself. I'm truly looking forward to come again and to steal a piece of the Generosity and Hospitality of Omiš!


I return with pleasure to Omiš Guitar Fest and I am happy to see the festival progress year by year. Festival has numerous qualities, but one of the most important is the fact that many guitarists come from different countries and play different styles. Majority of them are young guitarists, having the priceless opportunity to prove their skills in front of the demanding and professional audience.

Mijo Stanić - Festival dalmatinskih klapa Omiš

Omiš Guitar Fest is an event of great importance for the city of Omiš. With its perfect timing in touristic preseason it respectably represents the city in terms of cultural and touristic activities. Being a musician, I am particularly impressed with the high level of concert events and the big number of competitors. Like past years, I am looking forward to this year’s concerts and events.


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